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At JEM Farms we take pride in offering excellent quality products.  All of our animals and products are cared for in a way to produce the best we can offer our customers.  Our dogs have excellent pedigrees and bloodlines.  Our chickens are free range, never caged, and give top quality eggs.  We even let our bees roam free.  And we are extremely proud of our handmade on the farm products by our own cowgirls.

Labrador Retrievers
Family Pets/Hunting Dogs

At JEM Farms our dogs have excellent pedigrees.  Many of our dogs have blood lines from some of the top hunting lines and companion dogs.

Handmade Goods
Made on our Farm

Fun, quality products designed and created by our own cowgirls here on the farm.

Free Range Chickens

JEM Farms has it's own flock of free range chickens. They provide us delicious eggs. Eggs can be purchased locally only.  We do not ship eggs.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb
Local Honey

At JEM Farms, we have our own beehives. We do not ship honey. 

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