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JEM Farm Litters

Yellows whelped February 24, 2020 - 7 Males / 3 Females
JEM's Bailey x Merganser's Favre
We are currently taking reservations on this litter.

DAM is JEM;s Mighty Fortress (Bailey) 

     Color: Yellow

     DOB: April 19, 2014

     AKC#: SR82396402

     Hip Rating: OFA LR-221292G25F-VPI (Good)

     Elbow: OFA LR-EL73364F25-VPI (Normal)

     Eye OFA LR-EYE9838/24F-VPI

     CNM: Clear

     EIC Clear.

     Weight - 60lbs

Bailey is intelligent and a quick learner.  She is a sweet, gentile, and attentive girl and has been my favorite four legged hiking companion.

SIRE is Merganser's Favre MH, WCX (Favre)

     Color: Yellow
     DOB: July 22, 2010
     AKC# SR64326403
     Hip OFA: LR-199992E25M-VPI (Excellent)
     Elbow OFA: LR-EL56288M25-VPI (Normal)
     Eye OFA: LR-EYE5744/102M-VPI(2019)
     CNM Clearance LR-CNM11-013-M-PI (Clear)
     EIC OFA LR-EIC1539/4M-VPI (Normal)

     Weight - 72lbs

Favre has a Master Hunter title, a 4th place finish in a Qualifying Field Trial, and a Certificate of Working Retriever Excellent.


Blacks whelped February 12, 2020 - 6 Males / 2 Females
JEM's Obi x Merganser's Brees
We are currently taking reservations on this litter.

DAM is JEM's Double Black Diamond (Obsidian)

     Color:  Black

     DOB: May 21, 2015

     AKC#: SR87921302

     Hip OFA: LR-227700E24F-VPI (Excellent)

      Elbow OFA: LR-EL78824F24-VPI (Normal)

     Eye OFA: LR-EYE12535/24F-VPI(2017)

     CNM OFA: (Clear)

      EIC OFA: (Clear)

     Weight - 55lbs

Obi is a very intelligent girl.  She is athletic and agile with a strong retrieving instinct.  She is an outdoor enthusiast that loves swimming, retrieving, hiking, and exploring.

SIRE is Merganser's Saint Brees SH (Brees)

     Color: Chocolate
     DOB: July 10, 2017
     AKC#: SS00566505
     Hip OFA: LR-241976G24M-VPI (Good)
     Elbow OFA: LR-EL91283M24-VPI (Normal)
     EYE OFA: LR-EYE14694/18M-VPI(2019)
     RD/OSD EYE OFA: Homozygous Normal
     CNM OFA: LR-CNM2234/17M-PI (Clear)
     EIC OFA: LR-EIC4777/17M-PI (Clear)

     Weight - 72lbs

Brees achieved AKC Senior Hunter and Junior Hunter titles in April 2019 without failure.  Brees is fast, extremely agile, and a strong swimmer. 


JEM's Obi x Merganser's Gruden - May 12, 2019
JEM's Bailey x Merganser's Gruden - March 14, 2019
JEM's Bailey x Merganser's Gruden - August 9, 2018
JEM's Obi x Merganser's Gruden - July 30, 2018
JEM's Obi x Merganser's Nike - August 25, 2017
JEM's Bailey x Merganser's Farve - August 22, 2017
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