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Share your pictures and stories of your JEM Farms products.  Submit us some of your favorite pictures, videos, and adventures of you with your JEM Farms products and we will add them to our page.
We love Kobuk so much, she is absolutely amazing!  Her temperament is perfect and she is a smart, silly, and loving dog!  We got our chocolate about 6 months later from a different breeder and it made us realize how amazing you all are!  They way you socialize the pups and bring them into your family for those 8 weeks really makes all the difference!  Our poor chocolate pup was brought up in more of a puppy mill environment!  Barely socialized, locked up in kennels and survival of the fittest during eating time.  We love her so much, but it's been a lot of work to help her feel loved and safe.  Anyways, wanted you to know how much we appreciate how you start these pups lives!    - Stefanie C.
Tig is the most athletic Labrador we've had so far. Very eager to please. We just love her.  We know why the kids named her ice cream.  She's very sweet.    - Kevin M.
Buddy and Missy will be a year old on the 22nd! - Janice S.
Jazz - Under the Bed.jpg
Jazz is a wonderful addition to our family and is well loved!  Water is one of her favorite things and she can NOT stay out of a sprinkler, pool, or puddle.  She even likes baths and cries outside the bathroom door when our other dog is getting her bath.    - Susan R.
I am very pleased with our pup. - Stephen C.
We named him Danner after our boots. - Jennifer
We call him our "third blonde boy". - Jade W.
Our sweet Lilo! We love her so much! - Kumari J.
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